• Date / Time: October 23, (Tue.), 13:00~18:00

• Place: Capri Room, Paradise Hotel Busan, Korea

Photo Short Course 1


Stand on the Antennas and Propagation Standards
Dr. Vikass Monebhurrun
(CentraleSupelec, France
Chair IEEE Antennas & Propagation Standards Committee)
Photo Short Course 2


Artificial Electromagnetic Structures and Associated Devices based on Active ‘Negative’ Elements
Prof. Silvio Hrabar
(University of Zagreb, Croatia)
Photo Short Course 3


Antenna Design on Complex Platforms by using Characteristic Modes, Eigenmodes and Characteristic Basis Functions
Prof.  Raj Mittra
(University of Central Florida, USA)
※ In this lecture, all the participants will be given access to a website from which can download the notes. If you would like to access the notes, please bring your own laptop.

Break Time


Photo Short Course 4


Rectangular Coordinate Orthogonal Multiplexing Antenna System for Non-Far Region Communication
Prof.  Jiro Hirokawa
(Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan)
Photo Short Course 5


Some Research Advances in mmWave 5G
Prof.  Wei Hong
(Southeast University, China)